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Bronco Box

Bronco Box

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Bronco Box

Bronco BoxFunction: Portable and stylish box that sounds like a kick drum
Price: $180

Overview: Who knew that mounting a bass guitar pickup inside of a small wooden box with a license plate on top could sound just like a kick drum? But it’s true. It’s also very trendy and super convenient, especially for those on the move.

Specifics: How Does It Work? It’s pretty simple, you plug into the sound system or a bass amp via a 1/4 inch instrument cable, turn up the volume, adjust the tone to taste, and stomp on the box with your foot. Best of all it’s an acoustic instrument that gives you extensive control over dynamics and tone based on how hard and where you stomp while adding virtually no stage volume.

Why Wyoming? The founders of Bronco Box are actually California based worship leaders who use the Wyoming license plate because the optimum stomping position is right at the bucking bronco.

More: High-quality custom product built by worship leaders that are super trendy and convenient. Can be used by a guitar player to add a beat or with other drums like Daniel Hadaway does when he plays with All Sons and Daughters. This is a custom product so you can also use any license plate you want.
Less: It does need a strong system to sound its best. It can also be a bit odd to get used to as you can’t hear it at all unless it’s plugged in. This is also a small company so to get one you have to get on a waiting list.

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