Cubase Pro 9 Review

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Function: DAW Software

Price: $579.99

: Cubase has long been the favorite DAW of many recording musicians and engineers due to its comprehensive attention to detail and simple workflow, and with the new updates in Cubase Pro 9, the recording software has truly become one of the “most complete DAWs available” to quote Steinberg. Sporting brand new features, streamlined workflows and new plugins, Cubase 9 is a powerhouse of a DAW that rivals any other software on the market.

What’s New:
Cubase 9 is jam packed with so many features there’s no way we can cover them all in our review, so we’ll highlight our favorites! One of the biggest additions to Cubase 9 is “Zoning”, which allows users to access the mix window, editors and tool windows in the “lower zone” of the screen, allowing you to make edits and mix without leaving the arrange screen. Other additions include a brand new Frequency EQ, cloud collaboration, newly designed plugins, production groove loops, and multiple marker tracks, which allow you to use different markers for individual instruments. Perhaps our favorite new features is MixConsole History, which allows you to track all the changes made in the MixConsole and use one click to recall any stage of the mix process. MixConsole History allows you to A/B any stage of the mix process and keep detailed records of your mixes. In addition to Cubase Pro 9, Steinberg also makes Cubase Artist 9, a streamlined version of Cubase aimed at songwriters and artists, along with Cubase Elements 9, an introduction to the software. With its 64-bit software structure, Cubase Pro 9 is even more stable than ever and allows the software to take advantage of your computer’s full power.
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