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Custom In-Ear Monitors Review | Jerry Harvey Audio JH13v2 PRO

Custom In-Ear Monitors Review | Jerry Harvey Audio JH13v2 PRO

Jason Whitehorn

Product: Jerry Harvey Audio JH13v2 PRO


Function: Custom In-Ear Monitors

Price: $1299

Overview: Why is it that musicians spend time and money – and lots of it – perfecting the “grail” of gear yet sacrifice the sound the precious gear makes when it comes to how their ears hear it?  It is a question I never knew I needed answering until I heard music through a pair of Jerry Harvey JH13v2PROs. The JH13v2PROS aren’t your typical IEM. These IEMs provide a rich soundscape vocal teams and musicians alike can agree on.  Let’s dive in and find out why teams and artists all over the country from Elevation Worship to Passion…and from Sheryl Crow to Alicia Keys are using them.   

Features: The JH13v2PRO are equipped with eight drivers.  The configuration provides two lows, two mids, and 4 highs to contribute to its amazing sound.   Combine that with an internal 3-way crossover and these IEM’s have an impeccable way of handling a professionally mixed stage or for listening to fine details in near reference quality.  

If you’ve ever dropped a pricey custom IEM on stage or in a dark backstage area, you will rejoice at the 4-pin Litz wire with locking collar.  Speaking of wires, the IEM has a patent pending variable bass output for each ear on the wire itself that allows you to adjust the bass response for each ear from 0 to +12db. 

Pros: Highly customizable.  Superior sound quality.  Adjustable bass.

Cons: Just like most of the mainline gear we use, it isn’t a “small budget item”.

Bottom Line: The sound quality in the JH13v2PRO is killer for both vocalists or musicians.  

5 Stars

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