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Dave Smith Instruments Rev2

Dave Smith Instruments Rev2

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Rev2 TopFunction: Synthesizer
Price: $1499-$1999

Overview: Taking off where the legendary Prophet ’08 left off, the Rev2 was designed to improve upon and enhance the Prophet ’08 at an affordable price. At first glance, the bones of the Rev2 may look familiar, 2 digitally-controlled oscillators, Curtis resonant lowpass filters, and a 5-octave keyboard, but that’s where the resemblances end and the upgrades begin. It’s hard not to have fun with this keyboard, trust us, we tried!

Features: Rev2 comes in two different configurations, an 8-voice and a 16-voice. In addition to the DCO (digitally controlled oscillators) and Curtis filters, Rev2 also features a Shape Modulation section that offers four selectable waveforms, and a modulation matrix much like the Prophet ’08. However, the mod matrix is double the size of the Prophet ’08 and Rev2 includes a powerful FX engine that includes reverb, bucket brigade style delays, phase shift, chorus, ring mod and distortion. An intricate but easy-to-use polyphonic step sequencer rounds out the new features of the Rev2. As an owner of the Prophet ’08 for years, one of our favorite features of the Rev2 is the ability to download any sounds and keep presets from the Prophet ’08.

Sound: Much like the Prophet ’08, the Rev2 is beefy, powerful and extremely flexible, it can get from giant leads to Juno-ish, warbly pads extremely easily. One of our favorite new features is the built-in effects, which give an additionally lush dimension to pads and big synth sounds. The 16-voice allows for extreme flexibility in the allocation of voices, either double the polyphony of Prophet ’08, split the keyboard with two independent 8-voice instruments, or play two stacked 8-voice instruments for giant, massive sounds.

More: Huge sounds, flexibility, ability to load Prophet ’08 presets and sounds.
Less: Not much

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