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Dave Smith Prophet 12 Module Review

Dave Smith Prophet 12 Module Review


Church Use: A great analog synthesizer for synth leads and pads.


Dave Smith has become one of the most respected names in keyboard synthesizer history and the Prophet 12 Module shows why. Completely unique, the Prophet 12 Module is the desktop version of the Prophet 12 keyboard boasting all the same power and sound as the original Prophet 12. For warm analog keys sounds, the Prophet 12 Module is the cream of the crop.


Features: Using a digital system to control an all-analog signal path, the Prophet 12 Module features a stunning 12-voice polyphony with 5 oscillators per voice. In the center of the module is a bright OLED screen that lets you see what you’re controlling when you turn a knob or push a button, making each section of the synth is easy to control. The controls go incredibly deep and it’s easy to edit any of your favorite presets to be your own custom sound.


Sound: The Prophet 12 Module sounds huge! As expected with any analog synth, the sound is warm and fat and instantly tweakable with all the controls you need on the module’s surface. The module can go from deep bass to bright pads to screaming leads all at the touch of a button. The MIDI I/O is simple to setup, just add a MIDI controller and you’re ready to go. As far as polyphonic synths go, the Prophet 12 Module is the best we’ve heard. Visit for more info.


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