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DG Custom Cables Review

DG Custom Cables Review

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Function: Instrument cable

: $19-$36

: Founded by Dustin Guthrie, a worship pastor in Colorado Springs, DG Custom Cables are designed to give instrumentalists a great-sounding, durable cable that they can custom order with any number of useful features. DG offers instrument, microphone and studio cables in three different configurations: standard, premium, and custom. Pairing high quality material with extreme attention to detail, you won’t find better value for the price.Features: The “Standard” configuration of DG cables utilizes Gotham Audio GAC-1 Cable and Neutrik connectors, which offer a reliable, flexible cable that Dustin recommends using with keyboards or instruments without pickups. “Premium” cables are made from Gotham Audio GAC-1 UltraPro cable and offer a choice between normal Neutrik connectors or the Neutrik Silent Plug, which breaks the connection when you unplug your guitar or instrument, ensuring you won’t get any pops. The “Premium” cables offer extremely low capacitance, making it ideal for guitars and instruments with pickups. The “Custom” line of cables allow the customer to start by choosing any length of either “standard” of “premium” cable and any configuration of connectors in a range of colors and options.Sound: For our review, we reviewed the “Premium” cable with a right angle Neutrick Silent connector, which worked extremely well, producing no sound when we plugged and unplugged a guitar from amp. Put to the test against a couple “music-store brands,” the DG low-capacitance cable showed a dramatic improvement in top and bottom end as well as a dramatic volume boost, especially when paired with single-coil pickups. The true beauty was in the slightly pronounced midrange, especially from 800-1.5k, giving guitars with single-coil pickups noticeable girth and punch.

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