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DPA d:fine Directional Headset Microphone

DPA d:fine Directional Headset Microphone

DPA d:fine Directional Headset Microphone

What: High-quality head-worn microphone
Who: People looking for a high-quality microphone, especially for those who have loud voices.

Having used many different headset microphones in my years of traveling ministry, I was interested to see how the d:fine™ would compare.

The first thing I noticed was the flexibility of connection. Most headset microphones must be customized to the brand of wireless packs you are using because they each have their own special connection. The DPA d:fine is different, in that you can purchase adapters to fit any brand of pack or go directly into a sound system via a microphone XLR connection.

My next question was whether or not this mic will actually stay on my head without tape or having to be cautious with my movements. I was pleased to find that even on just one ear the microphone was comfortably locked in and unshakable. Also included with the microphone was an additional two ear microphone holder, which seemed like overkill, but it was nice to have.

The quality of sound was then unmistakably superior to anything I have used before. Balanced and missing the hollow sound common in most headset microphones. The less obvious advantage to this microphone is its ability to handle loud sounds from preachers that have powerful voices or like to yell for emphasis. It’s rated for 144 decibels, roughly the volume of you’d get inside a kick drum, so it can handle shouting and the volume generated by those who like to sing from a headset (i.e. drummers or guitar players). Note: distortion may still be possible if you overwhelm your wireless pack or soundboard channel strip due to improper gain structure which is separate issues to the actual microphone distorting.

More: High-quality microphone that stays in place and can be adaptable to any wired or wireless system.

Less: The tradeoff for higher quality and staying firmly in place is that it’s certainly less discrete than other products. This product is also at the high end of the spectrum for price, but if it’s the right tool to solve your specific issue or if the highest of quality matters, then you should definitely check it out.

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