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ESO Strap Review

ESO Strap Review

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Function: Guitar Strap

Price: $59.99

: Specialty guitar straps have been around for a while now, but it’s not often you see one built with the comfort and ease of the guitar player in mind, which is exactly what the ESO strap seems to target. With its natural curve and comfortable foam, the strap feels unobtrusive and sits naturally on your shoulder. The ESO strap comes in both right and left-handed configurations and a variety of

: Designed with a Patent Pending contoured “S” shape, ESO strap avoids pressure points in your shoulder and doesn’t cut into your neck, or grab your clothing in an awkward angle. In-seam pockets in the strap are perfect for storing extra picks and the strap has just enough padding for comfort without looking and feeling bulky. ESO strap feels great on your shoulder and is made with reinforced stitching throughout the key points, making it ideal for extended use.
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