Furman 15A Classic Series Power Conditioner w/Lights PL-8C

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Furman 15A Classic Series Power Conditioner w/Lights PL-8C

What Is It: Power Conditioner and AC noise suppressor
Many churches around the world are dealing with mysterious buzzes in their sound system which range from small hums to even the local radio station randomly interrupting the sermon. While there are many factors involved in exactly why this happens, many are surprised to find that it can actually come from the very lifeblood of electrical equipment…the power. To help better understand what can be done, I reached out to the industry leader in this field, Furman to review their products and get some guidance.

The products that Furman is most famous for are power conditioners, that many of you have probably seen in sound booths and on stages, but today I’m going to talk a bit about what they do.

They Regulate: Power from an outlet is inconsistent and can fluctuate dramatically. While most modern equipment is designed to handle this ebb and flow of strength, electronics perform optimally when power is consistent.
They Protect: Power can also surge or dip to a level that can permanently damage equipment. Furman conditioners also have the ability to take a hit, dissipate the energy, and continue working without having to replace or reset a breaker.

They Filter: The PL-8C is the first level in Furman’s product offerings to do something about buzzes caused by power. Through something they call the LiFT Filter this unit has the ability to reduce the buzzing sound by 10 decibels, which depending on how loud the buzz is, can be all that you need. Other products by Furman can reduce the volume of buzzes further, from 40 decibels of reduction all the way to 100% elimination. The range of ability is the determiner of price and physical size of the units.

PL-8C Power Conditioner by Furman can be rack mounted and has 1 plug in the front for convenience and 8 plugins on the back, with enough space to accommodate larger plugs. Also on the front is very handy lighting system that is designed to shine much-needed light onto the knobs and faders of the rest of the gear in your rack.

Pros: Industry leading technology and peace of mind knowing your gear is protected. It can reduce or eliminate buzzing caused by AC (regular wall outlet) power.
Cons: Determining the cause of buzzes is often a process of elimination so purchasing this product is not a guaranteed fix, but only a piece of the puzzle.
Bottom Line: You don’t have to live with buzzes and Furman is here is help. The engineer I spoke with actually invited Worship Leader to publish his email for those of you who need some assistance.  [email protected]

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