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GMF SH-1 Pickup Review

GMF SH-1 Pickup Review

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Function: Acoustic Guitar Pickup

: $49

: New from GMF Music is the SH-1 acoustic guitar pickup, called the “Sound Hole” pickup because of its distinctive shape and easy installation. Low profile and easy to use, the SH-1 is one of the best values we’ve see this year. The SH-1 is a great accessory for any guitar player who wants to turn an acoustic guitar into an acoustic/electric guitar.

: With virtually no moving parts, the SH-1 is fairly foolproof. The SH-1 houses one single coil pickup inside a maple cover with a 12 foot ¼” cable. Designed to fit any acoustic guitar with a sound hole diameter of 3.85 to 4.10 inches, the SH-1 will fit most acoustic guitars with the exception of instruments with oddly-shaped sound holes (such as Gretch’s triangle). A passive design, the SH-1 will amplify any
acoustic guitar with the exception of nylon-stringed instruments.

: The SH-1 is marketed as a medium-output pickup, providing enough output to work with any acoustic guitar amp as well as a DI or PA system. We found the sound to be clear and bright, allowing the guitar player to articulate gentle fingerpicking as well as strumming. For the price, there’s not much to complain about the SH-1, and even if you have an acoustic/electric guitar, it’s nice to have a passive backup that’s small enough to carry in your case and not worry about ever running out of batteries!
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