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Korg Taktile 49 Review

Korg Taktile 49 Review

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Church Use:  MIDI Controller


Features:  With the power of computers growing exponentially and the sound of software synthesizers becoming virtually indistinguishable from their analog counterparts, MIDI is a great, cost effective way to expand your keyboard tone palate.  A great MIDI controller is essential to using MIDI synths properly and the Taktile 49 doesn’t just provide a great MIDI controller, but takes the creative workflow to another level.  The Taktile 49 comes with the standard MIDI I/O and USB connectivity and features a semi-weighted keyboard, pitch and mod wheels and 8 faders, 8 knobs, and 16 velocity-sensitive pads.  In the center of the keyboard is a touch-sensitive X/Y pad (strikingly similar to the pad found in the Korg Kaossilator) that allows the user to manipulate phrase, chord and melody in real time.


Application:  It’s amazing how the addition of a simple X/Y pad can transform the workflow and open up the creative possibilities of MIDI software.  With knobs and pads becoming standard on all mid to high-end controllers, the X/Y pad sets the Taktile apart from anything on the market.  The X/Y pad allows control of anything from controlling melodies to making filter sweeps and can even act as a track pad.  Even if you don’t play keyboard, the controls on the Taktile make MIDI easy to use and opens up endless possibilities for creativity.


More: X/Y pad adds a great element of creativity to a MIDI controller

Less: 49 keys may not be enough for traditional pianists

Price: $349.99


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