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M Audio BX8 Carbon series monitors Review

M Audio BX8 Carbon series monitors Review

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Church Use:  Studio Monitors for critical music listening


Features:  A good pair of studio monitors may be the thing you never knew you needed, and the M Audio BX8 Carbon monitors may just show you why. My first pair of studio monitors was a pair of original M Audio BX5s, which I purchased almost ten years ago, and as they were the pair of monitors that stuck with me through college and into my first jobs as a studio engineer and producer, I’ve watched the evolution of the BX series with fond sense of nostalgia.  The BX8 Carbon monitors are the newest studio monitors from M Audio…and wow have they come a long way from my BX5s!  The BX8 Carbon is a two-way studio monitor featuring an 8” woven Kevlar woofer that pumps out powerful bass and a separate tweeter for high frequencies.  Acoustic space control allows you to control low end on the monitors if your room is small or they need to be placed close to a wall.


Sound:  The sound of the BX8s are nicely balanced and incredibly clean.  I was particularly impressed with the low end; the frequency response as stated is quite low indeed and you both feel and hear the power and weight of a low piano hit even at low volumes.  The technical papers show the frequency response to be fairly flat, which they seemed to be upon closer listening, making them perfect for any situation where you need to hear what’s going on in a mix.  I noticed a big improvement in the stereo imaging from my old BX5s, making the sound wider and clearer.  The acoustic space control is a nice touch to control the low end if you have to place them closer to a wall.  I was thoroughly impressed with the BX8 Carbon monitors and they offer a tremendous value for the price, making them perfect for monitoring, mixing, video editing, and listening to music.


More: Great sound and price, perfect for a small recording space

Less: Might be too big for a small office

Price: $249.99 each

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