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Miller Video Tripods Unveils Its Latest at NAB 2024

Miller Video Tripods Unveils Its Latest at NAB 2024

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When it comes to church tech and video gear, stability is paramount, and Miller Tripods is answering the call. The trusted name in camera support is now shipping its highly anticipated broadcast and cinema solutions (perfect for live streaming your church service!) just in time for their 70th-anniversary showcase at NAB 2024 (Booth C5912).

The headliner is the SkyX 8 fluid head, delivering precision and control with 16 positions of stepped counterbalance and the innovative CB Plus™ technology. The large Euro camera plate allows for a wide range of motion, making it simple to achieve the perfect balance for your camera. Designed with high-strength materials, the SkyX 8 promises durability for the toughest outdoor shooting conditions, ensuring smooth pan and tilt movements that professionals can rely on.

Then, we have the CinX series – the 8 and 9 – boasting a 40kg capacity. Like Han and Chewie, they’re a dynamic duo: the CinX 8 with its 150mm clawball, and the CinX 9, a flat base that could sit snugly atop a Falcon (or a Mitchell flat base adapter). Both come with the “Right Feel” start and stop technology – no jittery droids here. These models offer 16 counterbalance steps and a 7+0 position pan and tilt fluid drag system for superior control.

The showcase also includes the CinX 20, 23, and 25 models, catering to payloads up to 14kg with the versatile Versa universal camera plate. The CinX 20 and 23 feature a 75mm clawball, and the CinX 25, a 100mm clawball. They are light, compact, and feature the renowned Miller “Right Feel” technology, guaranteeing smooth starts and stops and well-balanced diagonal drag transitions across temperatures and conditions.

Benro TSL08AS2CSH Benro Slim Video Kit – Aluminum – $135

For operators working in low light, the “all in one location” illuminated controls and bubble level on the CinX 8 and 9 make adjustments a breeze, allowing for quick changes without additional lighting.

Finally, Miller introduces the CompassXV and the AirV, new incarnations of the CompassX and Air fluid heads, now compatible with the Versa side loading plate. This universal camera plate is designed for easy transition between tripods from various manufacturers, adding versatility and ease to any production setup.

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About Miller Camera Support Equipment

Miller Camera Support Equipment has been a stalwart in the industry since 1954, offering top-notch fluid heads and tripods to film and television professionals. With a rich history marked by innovation, including holding the first patent for fluid head design, Miller has been a go-to provider for ENG, EFP, and digital video for some of the world’s most prestigious networks and production houses. Operating in over 65 countries, Miller continues to stand as a leader in camera support, ensuring that every shot is as steady and reliable as their reputation.

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