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Moog Model 15 App Review

Moog Model 15 App Review

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Function: Modular Synth App for iOS

: $29.99

: Based on the famous modular system from 1974, the Model 15 App is the first Moog modular synthesizer and synthesis education tool designed for iOS. Painstakingly modeling every part of the Model 15 from the 921-series oscillators to 904a Low Pass Filter, Moog has created an incredibly powerful app that’s just as fun as it sounds. To top it off, the Model 15 App comes with a bundle of presets and tutorials to assist musicians of any level with the ideas behind modular synthesis.

: The feel and workflow of Model 15 App is incredibly lifelike, thanks to the designers using Apple’s new Metal technology, making zooming, swiping, patching and playing simple and straightforward. Model 15 App offers both monophonic and 4-voice polyphonic modes with control via the traditional Moog keyboard, ribbon controller, 8-step sequencer and the Animoog keyboard. Midi integration, external control assignment, looping recorder with overdubbing, a master delay and an extension cabinet that includes additional amplifiers give you an enormous scope of sounds and extra features not found in the original 70’s synth.

: The sheer breadth of power and outstanding sound quality found in the Model 15 App is truly incredible, and we at WLM often found ourselves forgetting that it was an iPad app! The sounds in the iOS synth range from sequenced, glitchy arpeggios to giant synth bass sounds to modulating, moving pads. Using the 160 presets and user tutorial settings, even musicians who have never touched a modular synth can quickly learn the interface, and the theory behind modular synthesis. Even if you’re not a keyboard player, we promise you, you’ll love Model 15 App.
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