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Pedaltrain Pedal Boards

Pedaltrain Pedal Boards

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Novo 24

Individual pedals are back in style in a big way. With them is also a need to keep them organized and securely mounted for transportation. As an electric guitar player myself and a gear nerd I am always taking a glance at what people have for equipment. After seeing the same style of neatly organized pedalboard coming from the same great looking flight case I decided to find its source, which leads me to The first thing that surprised me was though I had seen their equipment in use by guitar legends like John Mayer and Peter Frampton they don’t have pictures of them on their site or even artist endorsements at all. They want to be an every person kind of company and it turns out all those famous people that use Pedaltrain pedalboards actually bought them just like everyone else does, because they wanted to. To me, that speaks volumes.

For the review I took a look at two models of pedalboard, the larger angled design of the Novo 24 and a smaller flat design in the Metro 16. First off, all Pedaltrain boards are made from high-quality aluminum that is extremely light and remarkably sturdy. The Metro 16 is the exact same size as the pedal board I have been using for years so I was interested to see how my pedals would fit, mostly because of the rail design of the Pedaltrain boards would seem to offer less capacity. However, after working the puzzle for a few minutes, I was surprised to find I actually fit more pedals and not less. The rail system also offers the ability to run your cables from underneath, which cleans up the look of the board considerably.

The Novo 24 is gigantic compared to the Metro 16 and it’s not even the largest one they offer. To try and fill it up I had to break out all the random pedals I own, even the broken ones, but there was still room. These larger boards are set up on an angle to help you reach the back row pedals and allow space underneath the board to mount power supplies and other gear. Also available are risers and accessories to give height to smaller or recessed pedals.

To transport these amazing pedal boards they offer a few options. The first is a soft case that is for regular light duty use of taking your gear from your home to church in your car and the occasional outing. This soft case has sturdy waterproof zippers and is also available in a very convenient backpack configuration. But for those that are road warriors, or just love the look of being a road warrior, the flight cases are the real deal in every way.

One of the coolest features offered on the very helpful and friendly pedaltrain website is a service they offer called that is an interactive way to see what size of board you should get and how your pedals will fit. They have an index of many of the most popular pedals that allow to point and click in order to place them on a virtual pedal board. Use it to see how the pedals you already own will fit or the ones you want to own will fit.

More: Top of the line gear used by countless people including top professionals. With many options to fit your needs and budget.
Less: Not much
Tip: Running cables underneath cleans things up but sometimes slightly longer patch cables are required.

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