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Rattlesnake Cables Review

Rattlesnake Cables Review

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Overview: Rattlesnake cables are the brainchild of guitarist and electronics guru Hank Donovan based in Missoula, Montana. What started as a hunt for the best components to build the ideal guitar cable for himself quickly grew into a family business. Aptly named after the rattlesnakes that call Montana home, the cable itself might be mistaken for a slithering critter on the ground with its bright colored weave and long black “snake head” sleeve. Custom built to order, Hank’s cables are low-capacitance, heavy duty and dead quiet and sound different than any other cables we’ve ever used.

: Rattlesnake cables come in a variety of colors and you can custom order any length. All Rattlesnake cables come with neutrik plugs plus a heat and abrasion resistant outer sleeving. Hank also offers several different options on his cables, including the “snake head” which stops the heat and abrasion outer sleeving short on one side of the cable, ideal for guitarists who route their cable between the guitar strap and the instrument. Also available are “Pedal steel” cables, a 36″ cable with a right angle on one end, speaker cables, and an optional upgrade to a “silent plug” that renders a cable silent when it disconnects from an instrument.

: We tested the Rattlesnake extensively against several of the best-selling brands that you can find in a retail store and since we had a few lying around, a couple high-end “boutique” cables. Using a Fender telecaster into a vintage blackface Fender Princeton Reverb, the difference was night and day between the Rattlesnake and our retail brands. The top end was much more extended and the upper harmonics of the guitar were incredibly clear. The sound was also much louder with the Rattlesnake cables, making it obvious that Hank’s quest to find the best components was not in vain. Put to the test against our “boutique” cables, the difference was in the mid-range, the Rattlesnake being slightly more pronounced in the lower mids, giving it a punchy, beefy sound. With its distinctive looks and fantastic, unique sound, the Rattlesnake cable is one of our new favorite guitar accessories. For more information visit Use: High quality guitar cable with an optional silent plug, perfect for switching guitars in the middle of service.
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