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Review of the Westone Audio Pro X10 In-Ear Monitors

Review of the Westone Audio Pro X10 In-Ear Monitors

Jason Harris
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As a worship leader for over 20 years who regularly uses custom-molded in-ears with multiple drivers, I was curious how I would find this single driver set in a live band environment. In addition, I find myself regularly recommending single or dual-driver monitors to many of my team volunteers, where custom in-ears may not be the practical choice financially. So, I was excited to give the Westone Audio Pro X10 a listen. 

Westone Audio ProX10

Westone Audio Pro X10 Earphones – Clear – $199

The Westone Audio Pro X10 features a balanced-armature single-driver universal fit in-ear monitor. The driver boasts a 114dB sensitivity and a frequency response of 20Hz – 16kHz. The pack came with the in-ears, a cable, ten! pairs of tips (foam and silicone), and a hard shell case. 

Out of the box, you can tell there is attention to care and detail. The hard shell impact case is well built, and for the price point, is extremely high quality. I could easily toss this red case in my bag or guitar case and not have to worry about damaging the monitors.  In addition, the in-ear monitors were easy to connect to the cable – and the cable was also very high quality. The feel and quality of the cable may actually have been my favorite thing about this pair. The low-profile mold will work easily with even the smallest of ear canals.

In-Ears in Live Band Environments

Over the past few weeks, I was able to try these out in a few different live band environments: as a vocalist, as an acoustic guitarist, and as a vocalist leading with electric guitar. While playing live, I used our in-house PSM1000 and Livemix personal monitoring systems to balance.  After using these buds for multiple weeks, I felt the Westone Audio Pro X10s were balanced well for a vocalist, acoustic guitarist, or worship leader who leads from an acoustic. There seems to be a boost in the upper-mids to punch vocals and other instruments in that range forward. When leading vocally and playing electric guitar, I found there to be a lack in the definition – and found myself wanting to pull out a multi-driver, which honestly is likely expected. I found the low-end definition and clarity not as strong as some single drivers that may have a darker or deeper balance, but overall the sound and quality of the Pro X10 performed well against similar single-driver monitors. 


In addition, these were very comfortable to wear. I had no problem getting the universal molds to seal and stay in my ears, which is occasionally a problem for me with other universals. In addition, the cable, especially around the ear, was soft, pliable, and held shape tight to my ear – no flyaways. 

Mic Your Congregation

Lastly, for worship leaders and team musicians who use in-ears but don’t mic their congregation, the Pro X10 could be a very nice option. When using the silicone bud, they allow a good amount of ambient noise while still maintaining a good seal and quality sound. (They also have a passive ambient sound model if this is something you crave.) 

Overall, I found the Westone Audio Pro X10 pleasant to wear live and listen through day-to-day. I believe vocalists or acoustic guitarists will find the Pro X10 to be a quality, entry-level in-ear monitor. 


The Westone Audio Pro X10 In-Ear Monitors are designed for musicians and offer several high-quality specifications ideal for on-stage monitoring and critical listening. Here are the key specifications:

  1. Driver Type: Single balanced-armature driver
  2. Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 16 kHz
  3. Sensitivity: 114 dB SPL @ 1 mW
  4. Impedance: 19 ohms @ 1 kHz
  5. Passive Noise Attenuation: 12 dB
  6. Cable: Linum BaX T2 detachable cable, 50 inches (127 cm) in length
  7. Included Accessories:
    • Five pairs of silicone ear tips
    • Five pairs of foam ear tips
    • Impact-resistant monitor vault
    • Cleaning tool
    • Wax loop
    • Fabric carrying pouch

The Pro X10 also features a compact, ergonomic design that ensures comfort for extended wear and a secure fit. The ambient noise reduction is around 25 dB, making these monitors suitable for noisy environments like live performances.

These monitors are specifically tailored to provide a dynamic and articulate soundstage with clear highs and rich lows, making them a great choice for vocalists, guitar players, keyboard players, drummers, and sound engineers​.

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