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Roland Aira TR-8 Review

Roland Aira TR-8 Review

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Roland Aira TR-8


Church Use: Add electronic drum and percussion effects to your drum kit


Features: One of the most anticipated releases of 2014, the Aira TR-8 has not disappointed so far. An all-new version of the classic TR-808 and TR-909 electronic drum kits combined into one, the TR-8 brings the famous sounds of Roland drum machines into a device with features and functions for the modern age. Using a new Analog Circuit Behavior technology, the TR-8 behaves like an analog drum machine but has all the stability and flexibility of a digital device. 16 kits give the drum machine a variety of sound and individual controls over each of the 11 voices allow for nearly infinite sonic possibilities.


Sound: Just like its ancestors the 808 and 909, the TR-8 sounds huge. The attention to detail in the sound reproduction is stunning and the sounds are warm and fat. If we hadn’t been told it was a digital device, there’s little chance we would’ve guessed that the sounds were not completely analog. Whether you’re making sequences with the tap tempo control, or programming loops for your next set, the TR-8 is a ton of fun and is a great intro to electronic drum machines.


More: Awesome sounds and usability

Less: Only offers electronic sounds, no real drum reproductions

Price: $499.00


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