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Sam Systems Integral Microphone

Sam Systems Integral Microphone

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Sams Systems

Function: Guitar Cabinet Microphone

Price: $115-$125

Overview: While we’re on the topic of simplicity, this new microphone idea from Sam Systems might be our new favorite design of 2018! How would you like to have a microphone for your guitar amp that you never have to set up, never gets bumped out of place, always sounds the same in your monitors and FOH, and has a full-frequency response? Now you can have it with the Sam Systems Integral microphone system.

Features and Sound: The Integral microphone system is quite simple: it’s a lightweight microphone that mounts in front of your 10″ or 12″ speaker inside the guitar amp cabinet using the same screws that you use to screw in your cab speaker. Robust and sturdy, the Sam Systems Integral is a super cardioid dynamic mic that offers full-frequency response with a balanced XLR output. It lives in your guitar amp without needing batteries or power supply and all you need to do is plug in an XLR to the house PA! Tested at extremely high levels, the Integral offers low distortion and a consistent sound every time you plug in your amp, and there’s no chance of someone tripping over a mic and bumping it out of place. When listening against a Shure SM57, we found the Sam Systems Integral to be fuller, brighter and overall more pleasing than the tried and true SM57. If you have a speaker cab with 2 speakers, you can even plug two of the Sam Systems Integral in and have instant stereo!
Bottom Line: Fantastic idea at an incredible price

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