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Spark Pedal Power

Spark Pedal Power

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What Is It: Power Supply for Guitar Pedals

Guitar pedals require power. While you can spend a small fortune on 9v batteries for each pedal most people rely on the DC power option which is usually connected via a daisy chain cable that plugs into the wall. But as pedal fever has hit the world sometimes these cables don’t have enough capacity to plug in all your pedals and then all pedals don’t require the same strength of 9v power.

To help solve the power issue, many have turned to a power supply such as the Spark that runs one cable to standard AC power and then has multiple connection points with multiple strengths of power. This allows you to minimize the number of cables and centralize their location. Another added feature is their ability to provide clean isolated power which ensures that your gear has the optimum power flow.

The Spark was designed by to be installed underneath all of their pedalboards in less than 60 seconds, even by people who are not ‘handy’. I was up for the challenge, so without viewing any of their helpful instructional videos and with my stopwatch by my side I wanted to see if I could get it done in the promised time. Which I am happy to report that I did.

Spark allows worldwide power switching and also includes a large number of cables to make all your connections.

Pros: Versatile power supply that installs easily and discreetly on Pedaltrain pedal boards
Cons: This unit supplies only 9v power, which is the standard, however, some pedals require more so be sure to check each pedals requirement.
Bottom Line: If you are looking for a way to clean up your pedal cabling or provide the highest quality of power this is a great option especially if you are already a Pedaltrain customer.

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