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Studio Technologies Elevates the Game with Model 214A, 215A, and 216A Announcer’s Consoles

Studio Technologies Elevates the Game with Model 214A, 215A, and 216A Announcer’s Consoles

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Studio Technologies 214a 215a 216a Review

When it comes to innovation in the realm of audio control, Studio Technologies is not merely content to rest on their laurels. With the introduction of the Model 214A, 215A, and 216A* Announcer’s Consoles, they’ve taken a quantum leap forward. Let’s warp into the details of this interstellar upgrade, shall we?

February 7, 2024, marked a day when Studio Technologies, already a powerhouse in the audio, video, and fiber-optic solutions galaxy, announced its latest creation. These new units are the successors of the popular Model 214, 215, and 216 and come supercharged with the STcontroller software application, making configuration selections as easy as flipping a switch on the USS Enterprise’s helm.

The models 214A, 215A, and 216A are not your ordinary consoles. They are the Captain Kirk of audio control, ready to command any announcing, commenting, or production mission, whether it’s on-air sports broadcasting, stadium announcements, or corporate AV challenges. Compatibility with Dante® audio-over-Ethernet technology ensures they’re fluent in the most advanced digital audio language.

Plugging in is as simple as connecting the Ethernet – PoE has you covered faster than you can say “Beam me up, Scotty.” Add a microphone and headphones, and presto, you’re broadcasting across the universe with audio quality that’s out of this world.

Gordon Kapes, the President of Studio Technologies, could barely contain his excitement, akin to a child at a science fiction convention.

“With the STcontroller software application,” he says, “users can easily navigate through a galaxy of configuration choices to find their desired operating parameters.”

Each model boasts pushbutton switches with gold-plated contacts – because just like in space, quality and durability matter. The switches illuminate with white LEDs, ensuring visibility during those dark encounters on the final frontiers of production. The Model 216A, in particular, is like the multi-talented droid you’ve always wanted, capable of serving as a 4-channel IFB main station, perfect for REMI applications.

And for the technical crew, configuring these starships of sound is made hassle-free with the STcontroller software, available for both WinOS® and macOS® – because, in this day and age, versatility is as essential as a trusty phaser or a light saber.

In summary, Studio Technologies’ Model 214A, 215A, and 216A Announcer’s Consoles are the next evolution in audio control, offering versatility, ease of use, and exceptional audio quality. They’re a technological triumph, a beacon of progress, and they’re available right now, ready to boldly go where no console has gone before.

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Studio Technologies, Inc. specializes in crafting high-quality video, audio, and fiber optic equipment specifically for the professional audio and broadcasting spheres. Established in 1978, this company prides itself on creating reliable, economical, and ingenious products tailored for both studio and mobile broadcasting, as well as for the acoustical demands of stadiums and corporate settings. With a philosophy centered on designing products that align with professional workflows, Studio Technologies has carved a niche for itself as a frontrunner in the industry. Their portfolio spans a variety of domains, including fiber-optic systems, intercom and IFB interfaces, announcer consoles, and control systems for loudspeaker monitoring. Moreover, their expanding array of Dante-enabled Audio-over-Ethernet offerings is gaining rapid acclaim across the sector.

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