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Tapestry Audio Bloomery Review

Tapestry Audio Bloomery Review

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Function: Guitar volume pedal

: $229-$249

: The Tapestry Audio Bloomery is a brand new take on the traditional guitar volume pedal in a tiny footprint. At just 7.8″ x 2.25”, Bloomery is one of the thinnest volume pedals on the market, which can save you valuable space on your pedalboard. Constructed from solid steel, Bloomery is extremely heavy duty and weighs a hefty 2.7 pounds.

: Bloomery comes in two different models: active and passive. The active model runs on standard 9v power, utilizes dual buffers to ensure your signal has no tone loss, and has a tuner output, while the passive model has a configurable tuner/expression output that allows Bloomery to act as an expression pedal. Both models utilize a slide potentiometer and a direct shaft drive, which gives the volume pedal a wide range of motion with an extremely smooth volume curve slightly reminiscent of string-based volume pedals. The volume curve can be adjusted by loosening two screws on the side of the pedal and adjusting the pot bracket on the inside of the pedal. Both the active and passive models have a textured top that is easy to grip with your foot, as well as an optional silicon tread for improved traction.

: Although it’s slim and short, Bloomery fits comfortably under the foot and at 2.7 pounds and made from solid steel, Bloomery feels extremely heavy-duty. Bloomery sounds fantastic and works perfectly at the front of the pedal chain or in the middle or end. The expression output on the passive model makes Bloomery ideal for keyboards or controlling effect pedals, and can be easily switched back to tuner output for guitarists. Aside from being built like a tank and sounding great, Bloomery’s biggest strength is its small but comfortable size, which fits perfectly on smaller boards and saves room for other pedals on your board. To top it off, Bloomery looks sleek and minimalist in either its white or black color options and is sure to turn some heads on stage or in the studio.

Church Use
: Volume pedal for guitarists and keyboard players.
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