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Worshp Essentials

Function: Keyboard and Instrument Patches for MainStage, Logic,  Omnisphere, & Ableton Live

Overview: Since moving to Nashville I have heard one name recommended more than any other by veteran producers, artists, and even record label executives. That name is Abel Mendoza and his amazing company known as That Worship Sound.

While there are some Omnisphere and Ableton items, a majority of the product offerings are presets for a very popular program by Apple Computers known as MainStage. This program allows you to connect any, I repeat ANY, MIDI capable keyboard to a computer to access the thousands of sounds and presets included with your $29.99 purchase. As great as MainStage is, it is not specifically geared for worship leading. Enter the highly skilled team of sound designers at where you can purchase pre-sets made to replicate the lush synthesizers, pianos, and ambient pads used so heavily in modern worship recordings.

First, the Worship Essentials pack is well, essential, and I have been using it personally for years. This simple collection of patches has covered 90% of all the worship songs we’ve done. It uses sounds already included with your MainStage purchase and best of all it just sounds amazing.

Then there are packs of presets available for a wide range of needs from Worship Pianos to Vintage Synthesizers. Abel and his team have the sounds grouped by style and bundles are well documented with demonstrations of each patch so you know what you’re getting ahead of time. Make sure to note that some packs require additional plug-ins, which are bits of software and sounds that are not included with MainStage.

Also, included in most bundles are presets for the Apple computer recording program Logic so you can produce and record with these sounds as well.
Lastly, I would also highly recommend the patch collection Elektrikcity which is designed for the electric guitar. A well-known producer told me about it and my recording life hasn’t been the same since.

More: Great sounds by people who are worship leaders. Priced right and designed to be easy to use.

Less: You have to run MainStage, which is pretty standard where I live but new to a lot of people elsewhere.

Bottom Line: You just gotta go check it out.

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