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Total Drum Cage Review

Total Drum Cage Review


Total Drum Cage Function:

Drum cage for quiet stages
Total Drum Cage Review | Image of Drum Set


Sound control is essential for a worship stage, especially when it comes to live drums, and we’ve never seen a better solution than Total Drum Cage. Offering three different models, Total Drum Cage can reduce drum volume by up to 27 dB. If you’re looking for a great looking and great sounding drum cage, Total Drum Cage is the product for you.
Features: Total Drum Cage offers three different models: 100, 300, and 500. The 100 series offers a seamless round polycarbonate material that is open on top, with the 300 featuring a fully isolated drum cage with an aluminum frame, black back, top, and sides and clear round polycarbonate material in the front. The 500 series utilizes even more sound isolation using rubber sound blocking and 1.5″ pyramid foam inside while still using the round, clear polycarbonate front. Ventilation systems and floor panels are available as an add-on to any drum cage.
Application: One of our favorite features of Total Drum Cage is the round, clear drum shield idea. Because of the round front, light is not reflected so directly into the audience, making it easier to see a drummer, especially on camera. Also, the round shape doesn’t reflect sound as easily as flat surfaces, making the drums sound better to a drummer and in the microphones. We also love how durable and stable the drum cage is, as there is minimal danger of a drum cage falling off a riser or collapsing onto a drummer.
Portable and easy to assemble/disassemble, Total Drum Cage is one of the best-looking drum cages we’ve ever seen and promises to solve many lighting/camera/sound issues that generally come with a standard drum cage.

Drum Cage Church Use:

Reduce stage noise with a good-looking drum cage during church service that promises to solve many issues with standard drum cages.
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