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A Gear Review of the UE 6 PRO In-Ear Monitors

A Gear Review of the UE 6 PRO In-Ear Monitors

Steve Reed

UE 6 PRO | The UE 6 PRO design includes two dynamic drivers for midrange and bass, along with the original True Tone Drivers for the high-frequency response. It gives a natural and true reproduction of rhythm and percussion.

Function: Custom IEM

Price: $699 (click here to see options)

Overview: It was a hot, sweaty day in July that I stood in line at my local music store to purchase my first pair of professional in-ear monitors: a pair of off-brand, universal headphones with two balanced armatures, one for low end, and one for highs with a simple crossover. They sounded terrible and fit uncomfortably, but the feeling of bringing my own IEM to a gig made me feel like a pro! That day was over a decade ago, and as an owner of a dozen IEM since then, it’s astounding to see how far custom in-ear monitors have come over the last few years. With the UE 6 PRO, Ultimate Ears has created one of the most beautiful sounding custom IEM I’ve ever heard, finding the perfect line between silky highs and powerful, thunderous low end.

Features: On paper, the UE 6 PRO seems like a fairly standard configuration of 3 drivers, a 3-way crossover, and triple-bore sound channels, but the magic comes in the tuning of the ears and the hybrid in-ear design. The UE 6 PRO features 2 dynamic drivers for bass/midrange and one True Tone balanced armature (that we loved so much in the UERR!) for top end. The dynamic driver for bass allows the frequency response to go all the way down to 5Hz, giving you plenty of sub with only 3 drivers. Also included is Ultimate Ears brand new IPX cable system, a waterproof new cable system designed to handle sweat, makeup, hairspray, and humidity, and be flexible and reliable to handle use every day.

Sound: Straight out of the box the UE 6 PRO sounds absolutely gorgeous and is hands down the best custom IEM I’ve ever owned. Without getting into all the tech talk, the reason the UE 6 PRO sounds so good is because the dynamic drivers for bass and midrange sound incredibly natural and warm and allow you to “feel” like there’s a wall of full stack amps behind you. The UE True Tone balanced armature gives you the beautiful, open high end that’s crystal clear. The UE 6 PRO are absolutely perfect for the rhythm section, and even as a keyboard player, they’ve become my new go-to for live, loud-stage applications.

More: Thunderous bass + crystal clear open highs = beautiful sounding ears.

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