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Ultimate Ears UE-7 Pro Custom IEM Review

Ultimate Ears UE-7 Pro Custom IEM Review

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Church Use:  Custom In Ear Monitor


Features:  As a musician and engineer, I’ve been hearing great things about Ultimate Ears for years, so you can imagine my excitement when the crew at UE offered to let me review a pair of the UE7s, a triple driver custom in ear monitor specifically recommended for keyboards (my main instrument).  The process was quite simple, I found an audiologist (a comprehensive list by location is located on Ultimate Ears website) a few miles from my house visited and got impressions made of my ears so the folks at UE would have the detail they needed to complete my molds.  After filling out a brief order form and picking my colors, I sent my impressions to Ultimate Ears headquarters where they constructed my custom IEM and specifically molded them for my ears.  The turnaround was very quick, just over two weeks from their receipt of my impressions.  The UE7s come in a heavy-duty, solid box to protect them while they’re not in my ears and include a cleaning tool to keep the earwax from building up in the canals.  I was very impressed with the packaging and they even included a custom engraving on the box with my name on them.  The fit was simply perfect, the best I’ve ever had in a pair of custom IEMs, not too tight but they stay firmly planted in my ears no matter where I move my head.  A good fit is one of the most important things in a custom IEM and I was quite impressed with this little attention to detail.


Sound:  The sound of the UE7s is wonderfully open and balanced.  The highs are incredibly clear without being overly bright while the lows are powerful and punchy.  The frequency range is quite balanced; the kick and bass don’t overpower vocal clarity and listening to music, especially pop, is a ton of fun.  Solo piano was one of my favorite instruments to hear through the UE7s.  You can really feel the power of the low notes as well as get the midrange punch of each note’s attack.  After listening for an extended period of time, I got the impression that the UE7s are nicely fine tuned with no frequency spikes, boomy bass or harsh midrange.  The price of UE7s may be slightly higher than other custom IEMs on the market, but when you purchase a pair of Ultimate Ears you pay for attention to detail that goes above and beyond in every step of the order process, from fine tuning their product, to communication with the customer, to engraving your name on your personal box.


More:  Great sounding custom IEM with incredible attention to detail every step of the way

Less:  Custom IEM means only one person can wear them.

Price: $850

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