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Universal Audio Apollo Twin Review

Universal Audio Apollo Twin Review

Editorial Team

Church Use: Two channel audio interface


Features:  Long known for their groundbreaking work with digital audio processing, Universal Audio has consistently made both great hardware and software and the Apollo Twin is the combination of the two together.  The Twin is a two in/6 out audio interface capable of recording at 24 bit, 192kHz sample rate and uses thunderbolt connection for near zero latency.


Application:  The real power of the Twin lies in using the software and hardware together.  Using the UAD modeling plugins, the Twin allows you to record and process in realtime, using digital channel strips, EQ, compressors and even reverb and delays.  The thunderbolt connection offers almost no latency but limits the Twin to apple computers.


More:  Outstanding sound, great interface with software/hardware

Less:  Mac only

Price: $699


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