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Westone AM Pro 20 Review

Westone AM Pro 20 Review

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Function: Universal IEM

Price: $339.99

: When using in-ear monitors on the church stage, how many times have you felt isolated and disconnected with the congregation because you’re unable to hear them through your headphones? The answer to your woes may just lie here in the Westone Am Pro Ambient IEM. Westone Audio has created the Am Pro 20 Ambient in-ear monitors as a universal IEM with a passive ambient design as well as the innovative SLED technology that maintains the full range of frequency response and dynamics.

: The Am Pro series comes in three configurations: the 10 (single driver), 20 (dual driver) and 30 (triple driver) but for our review we’ll be focusing on the dual driver model. The AM Pro 20 contains two drivers per ear, one low and one high with a two-way crossover. Unlike traditional “open-port” ambient port monitors that dramatically reduce bass response when used, Westone’s exclusive SLED technology faithfully reproduces the entire frequency response all the way from 20Hz-18kHz. The idea behind SLED is to let you feel connected to your bandmates, audience and congregation as well as let you hear your in-ear mix extremely accurately, all while attenuating outside noise by up to 13dB.

: To be quite honest, we at WLM were blown away at how incredible the SLED passive ambient design sounded! The Am Pro 20 features full, round bass response, a slightly accentuated upper mids, and smooth clear treble frequency response all while filtering in outside noise! In a test between the Am Pro 20 and 3 other dual-driver universal IEMs, it was incredibly difficult to tell a difference in bass frequency loss, and the only huge difference we noticed was an upper-mid boost unique to the Am Pro 20 that is incredibly helpful to singers. On a test on stage, the Am Pro 20 delivered exceptionally clear sound and bass response as well as perfectly filtering stage noise to the ears. When it comes to IEM, reproducing the energy of the stage to the isolation of earphones has always been a tricky subject, even with audience mics and stage mics, but the Westone Am Pro 20 might offer the best solution to this problem we’ve ever seen.
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