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Westone Audio AM Pro X20 In-Ears Review for Worship Leaders

Westone Audio AM Pro X20 In-Ears Review for Worship Leaders

Holly Knight
  • Remember when Westone Audio changed the way music is performed with their balanced-armature in-ear monitors? I am a living testimony that they've done it again with the AM Pro X20.
Westone Audio AM Pro -X In-Ear Monitors

About Me

As a slightly above-average singer who happened to marry a world-class musical prodigy, I’ve been blessed to stand on stages across the country and around the world as a soloist and worship leader for the past twenty years. Bradley and I travel every weekend and have had the honor of leading at churches such as Prestonwood Baptist in Dallas, The Brooklyn Tabernacle, Shadow Mountain Church in San Diego, Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, and First Baptist Orlando, to name a few. I was introduced to the sonic glory of in-ear monitors 10 years ago with my first pair of custom Ultimate Ears molds and they immediately became my worship-leading security blanket. Wedge monitors became a dirty word and the bane of my platform experience from that point on.

About the Westone Audio AM Pro X20 In-Ear Monitors

Westone Audio In-Ear Monitors
Westone Audio AM Pro X10 1-driver Universal In-ear Monitors – $249

Remember when Westone Audio changed the way music is performed with their balanced-armature in-ear monitors? I am a living testimony that they’ve done it again with the AM Pro X20. These babies are designed for the most demanding stages in the world. I’m not a music nerd, but my husband is, and he told me they pack a serious punch with two balanced armature drivers and a passive crossover. (I’m still waiting for him to translate these words for me.) You’ll get robust low-end and crystal-clear highs, with all the detail and nuance you need to hear every note. On top of that, they’re so comfortable that you can wear them for hours on end without even realizing they’re there. (Seriously.)

So whether you’re a professional musician (like the hubs) or a slightly above-average singer  (like yours truly) check out the Westone Audio AM Pro X20. They’re the best IEMs I’ve ever used.

Thoughts on the AM Pro X20s

I first took these beauties out for a spin while leading worship at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lyncburg, VA. I was invited to sing with their 200-member choir and 40-piece orchestra on a Sunday morning. It can be tricky to get a good in-ear mix with so many moving parts on stage, but with the Westone Audio AM Pro X20s, I was able to hear everything with crystal clear precision. The best thing I can tell you about these IEMs is that I totally forgot they existed once I started singing. They were beyond comfortable, and the sound was so balanced and sparkly. I typically like a lot of bass and drums in my mix, which can easily distort and crunch if you’re using sub-par IEMs.

Spoiler alert: there was neither distortion nor crunching with the lovely Westones. My slightly above-average vocal came through clearly, and I was able to focus on my main priority…leading the congregation in worship. For those of you who care about how you look on stage (hopefully that’s all of you), these monitors offer a sleek, transparent design that didn’t shine a spotlight on my ears. (This is often a hazard of having short hair. It’s my cross to bear.) As a woman, I appreciated the brightly colored hard-shell case that protected my monitors from the perils at the bottom of my Mary Poppins carpet-bag purse that I haul with me every Sunday morning. (Church Ladies everywhere, rejoice.)

At a price point of under $300, I know I’m getting the ultimate bang for my buck and feel confident that I’m stewarding my resources gracefully. After years on the road, plugging into every kind of sound system imaginable, I feel that I’ve finally landed on the IEMs that will go the distance with me. I encourage you and your worship team to give Westone Audio Pro X20s a try and experience the difference for yourselves!

About Westone Audio

Westone Audio has been around the block for over four decades, and in that time, they’ve made a name for themselves as the pioneers of premium in-ear audio solutions.

It all started with a passion for music and performance. Westone Audio designed the first stage monitors, and from there, they just kept innovating. In the 1980s, they developed balanced armature drivers in custom earpieces for musicians and “Walkman” style earbuds. This advancement led to the creation of the first custom in-ear monitors, which they collaborated with artists like Rush and Def Leppard on.

Westone Audio has continued to lead the way in the audio industry ever since. They’re known for their unique focus on innovation and their decades of experience.

Westone Audio Am Pro X

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