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Cheri has such a beautiful heart and to take a stand for THE truth in the way she does in this Worship Sound Bite is inspiring. There is one truth and it’s found in the Word of God. “Progressive” or not, being grounded in the Word is so incredibly important when a Worship Leader is given a platform of any kind.

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Since the release of her self-titled 1994 Sparrow Records debut, Child of the Father, Cheri Keaggy has been writing and performing songs that have helped listeners around the world give voice to their worship of God. She has released nine albums; garnered nine #1 singles; and was honored with a Dove Award in 1998 for Special Event Album of the Year for God With Us: A Celebration of Christmas Carols and Classics. Her signature songs include “My Faith Will Stay,” “Make My Life An Altar,” “Open My Heart” and “You, Oh Lord, Are My Refuge,” while her “In Remembrance Of Me” and “There Is Joy In The Lord” have been sung in churches around the globe. She has also spoken at women’s events and conferences across the country. Her most recent recording, What I Know To Be True, released earlier this summer and was co-produced by Phil Keaggy.

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  • I know that “progressive” is a negative buzzword for many Evangelical believers, but I also know many “progressive” believers who love Jesus and scripture, and who are able to worship authentically from that place. There are those who challenge theological positions with the intention of undermining faith; others do it for the sake of honing faith, trimming away unhelpful baggage, and expanding their appreciation of God’s boundless grace. I hope that we are raising up worship leaders who are not only wise and talented, but also willing to use their gifts to inspire a wide range of Jesus followers.

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