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Tim Timmons – When the ‘stuff’ hits the fan.

Tim Timmons – When the ‘stuff’ hits the fan.

Tim Timmons
Tim Timmons When the 'stuff' hits the fan

“That’s when the ‘stuff’ hits the fan.” When we’re NOT in church surrounded by our community and worshipping the living God, that’s when we encounter life’s ‘stuff.’ Worship Leader, pastor, and songwriter Tim Timmons is featured in this Worship Sound Bite explaining a way of walking with Jesus through the other 10,000 minutes we spend during the week not in church. He talks about his personal battle with cancer and the trust relationship he’s built with the heavenly Father that has sustained him well beyond the lifespan he was given by his doctors. Tim inspires us every time we sit down with him and reminds us all to “join Jesus every day.”  Watch, be blessed, and please share this encouragement with anyone you feel needs to hear it.


Yeah. I mean, there are 10,000, 80 minutes in a week. 80 of those minutes, we spend in a church gathering somewhere, which is awesome, but there are 10,000 other minutes. And I think I’ve spent my whole life on the 80 minutes. And there are 10,000 other minutes until we gather again, I think that’s when the stuff hits.

The fan is in the 10,000 minutes. And as I look at my life, you know, I was diagnosed with an incurable cancer 21 years ago and given five years to live and I keep waking up and I write this on my wrist every day. And one of the reasons I write this every day is like I got up again. I literally woke up again today, which is pretty great.

And whoever’s watching this, you woke up again today too, which is like the great gift. And I think we get good at what we practice. And so I can practice worry. All day long or I can practice trust. So as I write this, I’m like I woke up again today. Jesus. And what’s these Jesus principles that we live by, what if I put it into practice this week?

And so I think worship is really all day long, me aligning and realigning my heart. With the ways and heart of Jesus. And so I do that by writing this X and people are like, why don’t you get a, a tattoo? And Michael, I’d forget. You know, this is like the practice of it is helping me remember to practice the nearness of Jesus all the time.

I’m joining him in my day. I don’t think there’s anything more beautiful as far as my act of worship than me joining Jesus in my day.

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