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Pat Barrett – Are we worshipping Worship more than God?

Pat Barrett – Are we worshipping Worship more than God?

Pat Barrett
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Here’s another Worship Sound Bite from Pat Barrett where he answers the question ‘are we worshipping worship more than God?’

Glorification of oneself during worship in place of pointing the attention to our Creator has always been a temptation that Worship Leaders and Pastors must fight against. We’re dedicated to continuing to surface questions like this in order to challenge our tribe to stay focused on Jesus instead of the praise of the self, which is so prevalent in our society today. With the growing popularity of Worship Music and the international distribution of this genre, fighting the ego while leading worship has never been more difficult.

Pat’s transparent answer is just one of many insightful responses from our 2021 interview.

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When I think back to when I was 15 and if I would’ve known that and that there would always be a camera of lights on me and it would be live streamed to the internet, I don’t think I would have ever become a Worship Leader. The value system is presentability instead of discipleship, which has meant. And you fail and you try and you get back up and discipleship.

Isn’t auto-tuned in the, lighting’s not perfect. The sound is always off because it has the grit of real life, the chance to try and fail. Being immortalized on the internet on worship fails, which I actually think it’s funny cause it makes us laugh at ourselves. However, I think true religion happens when the cameras are off.

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