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Pat Barrett – How do you define worship?

Pat Barrett – How do you define worship?

Pat Barrett
Pat Barrett Sound Bite - How do you define worship

How do you define worship? It may seem like a simple question, but at Worship Leader we’ve heard a variety of inspired answers that are worth sharing in a sound bite. In this video, Pat Barrett talks about the evolution of his definition of worship. Comment below and share your thoughts. Iron sharpens iron and engaging in conversations about the things of the Bible can only help us all grow closer to Jesus.

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Worship Sound Bites

At Worship Leader we are blessed to be able to spend time with the Churches thought leaders, theologians, and worship leaders. In this series called “Worship Sound Bites,” we pull inspired clips from some of our most interesting interviews to share with you. Hopefully these moments will ignite more conversations around important topics faced by our Church today.

Video Transcription

I feel like there was a point in my life where worship felt compartmentalized as singing. And there’s a start time and a stop time. And the older you get, the more you realize none of your life is compartmentalized. You can pretend it is. It’s really not. And I think there’s been an openness a lot of times through difficulty that just opens you up in a way that is unexpected and forces you to trust. And I think that’s why maybe it’s another term that’s almost maybe not a synonym, but close to, like trust and faith and the feeling of leaning into life in God that replaced my compartmentalized version as a more holistic lens for worship. – – Pat Barrett

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