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Sent As A Song Into The World – Part 2

Sent As A Song Into The World – Part 2

Mike Colaw
  • There is a text to your life’s song. You don’t have to find it or create it. Instead, it comes to us as a gift from Jesus who speaks truth into our lives, giving us the narrative wherein we find our identity as his disciples.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of believers in Christ being God’s workmanship, His art, His poem, His song sent and shared with those we encounter in the world is the reality that the charitable love of Christ is the engine. That love is embodied in the Trinity: the Father is always pointing to the Son who is always pointing to the Father and the Spirit, each always pointing to the other, always lifting up the other, always aware of the needs of the other.

What Love Looks Like

The church ought to be a place where charity, as defined by God—that selfless agape love modeled by the Trinity—is practiced. When that is practiced, it becomes natural for us to see the needs of others and respond to them. I define love to my children as “that selfless charity and posture of your heart that does good to another independent of their ability to reciprocate.”

Christ At the Center

We sometimes have this post-modern competitive way of viewing the world and each other, but in the church, it’s way more familial. We are to do life together as a family and that’s how we grow in and practice charity. We as a church value social justice highly, but social justice is not our god—Christ is. Social justice and righteousness is the byproduct of Christocentric living. The song is Christ and we simply sing it. The best way to put this into practice is always turning our eyes and hearts to the true definition and source of love and letting that outpour to the people around us. it’s very important that our worship is Christocentric. I preach, but the reality is it’s probably the music that sits with my people more than the sermons do. Our worship preached and sung is always seeing and defining and expressing the love of God, not just His love for us, but His love at work through us. Then we are truly a song to the world.

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