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Podcast Launch: The Walk by Worship Leader Magazine

Podcast Launch: The Walk by Worship Leader Magazine

Joshua Swanson

“God finally broke in and said, ‘I know that you’re really concerned about your story, but do you want to be a part of My story?’” Laura Hackett Park

“That morning I heard a sound that changed my life…He got up on a bar stool on the platform with his nylon string guitar and Lord help me, he sang a love song to Jesus.” Paul Wilbur

“How much is it gonna cost? And he said, ‘how about $0?’…and so right away, I realized, hey, God is in the business of $FREE.99!” Kurtis Parks

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (June 28, 2022) – Today Authentic Media’s Worship Leader Magazine released the first episode of its new weekly podcast called The Walk to all major podcast platforms and on This show features guests who bring devotional stories from their experiences leading worship. These creatives walk with God daily and their inspiring messages to the Church challenge us all to build a lifestyle of worship. Listeners will travel along with inspiring people each week and learn how God has grown them through the practice of worship leading.

Emmy Award-winning producer and editor Matt McCartie has partnered with the leadership team at Authentic Media to produce this podcast. Host Joshua Swanson, a partner at Authentic Media and an award-winning producer and voice talent, guides listeners through each episode, but the focus and what makes this podcast special will always be the stories brought by our guests.

The first season features guests including Anna Golden, Laura Hackett Park, Joth Hunt, Charles Billingsley, Paul Wilbur, Cheri Keaggy, Elias Dummer, and many more. Each guest will bring inspiration and education to their episode. Shows are full of stories focused on how God has grown our guests in their faith, in their profession, in their craft, and in numerous other ways.

About Authentic Media

Authentic Media™ LLC was formed in 2021 as a partnership between the Fromm family, headed by Worship Leader’s President, Alexandra Fromm, and Jason Naumann and Joshua Swanson, who run the award-winning agency GTMA. The merger has created a new entity that now houses the brands Worship Leader™ Magazine, the National Worship Leader Conference, SONG Discovery™, Pray Musically™, Worshiper Magazine, the Worship Podcast Network, and Worship Connect™. This new partnership is focused on ensuring that these storied and historic brands are resourced, properly supported and focused on accomplishing their mission.

Authentic Media’s mission is to tell stories that inspire the Church and all followers of Jesus to build a lifestyle of worship. 

About Worship Leader Magazine

Worship Leader is a resource for the curators of worship—pastors, worship leaders, musicians, vocalists, sound + visual techs, technology stewards, artists—always pointing them toward the one true worship leader, Jesus Christ, through theological, multimedia, and educational tools and inspirational stories. Worship Leader, a registered trademark of Authentic Media, LLC., has a faculty and readership which is inclusive of the three major traditions of Christian worship; i.e., Charismatic, liturgical, and Bible based “free” churches. 

The brand originated as the Worship Times Journal in 1985 and in January 1992 Worship Leader Magazine was launched by Chuck Fromm (editor/founder) and John Styll (manager) via a joint venture partnership. Fromm was president/founder of  the Corinthian Group/Maranatha! Music and John Styll was the president/founder of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM). Both Styll and Fromm had met in the mid ‘70s at Calvary Chapel. From there, for the last 30 years, Worship Leader Magazine has been publishing content from top thinkers who are on the front lines of educating worship leaders, facilitating conversations about the Church, and inspiring worshipers to grow in their faith.

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