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“Rapha” Songwriters Jason Clayborn & Stephen Mcwhirter on Praising as One

“Rapha” Songwriters Jason Clayborn & Stephen Mcwhirter on Praising as One

Christopher Watson
  • Jason Clayborn and Stephen Mcwhirter desire to praise God with every tribe, nation, and people, uniting in one voice.

Gospel artist and GRAMMY winner Jason Clayborn teamed up with worship leader, songwriter, and recording artist Stephen Mcwhirter on several projects like Choir Sessions, Rapha, and Born A King. But their artistic endeavors are based on their friendship first. “We’re friends because we’re friends first,” says Mcwhirter. 

Their desire to praise with one voice from every tribe, nation and people (Revelations 7) is a big part of their motivation. In that scripture, Luke looked up and saw great multitudes too numerous to count, praising in front of the throne and the Lamb of God. Clayborn says, “I think that you when you get to heaven, there’s not a Hillsong room, or a Bill Gaither room, or Andrae Crouch room.” We will all praise as one.

On their inspirational collaborations, Clayborn says, “We have to do, and be comfortable with how God gives it to us, and appreciate that moment.” It’s about using what he has given us for his glory. Not just in worship, but in all aspects of life.

In a church increasingly driven apart by sectarianism, and a secular world being driven apart by fanatical tribalism, the image in Revelations 7 grows more powerful every day. The church, coming together as one to praise God at the foot of the throne, is compelling. Clayborn and Mcwhirter desire to capture the heart of Luke’s prophesy, that all would come together to declare God’s glory. What an impact that would make in this world, to see God’s representatives on earth singing with one voice. 

If we can agree that salvation comes through Christ by grace alone (Romans 10:9-10), that the Bible is the sole word of God (2 Timothy 3), and embrace the commandments to Love God, and Love others (Mathew 22:37-40), then we should be able to worship together in one body.

You can also catch Clayborn on The Walk podcast talking about touching greatness, and Mcwhirter talking about transformation.

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