Enriching the Pastor/Worship Pastor Relationship

Webinar Taught By Jason Hatley

Don’t miss this FREE Worship Leader Webinar, sponsored by NWLC. One of training topics that will be covered at NWLC will be the partnership between the pastor and the worship leader. This is one of the most important issues in worship ministry today. We feel so strongly about this topic that we want to make it available even to those pastors and worship leaders who can’t attend the conference (www.worshipleader.com/conference). The key to effectiveness in planning life-transforming worship services every week is the relationship between the Pastor and Worship Pastor. Learn the secrets to what make the Pastor/Worship Pastor relationship a powerful part of your worship planning process, and how you can create the same type of relationship on your team that has made The Journey one of the most innovative churches in America.

Watch the Full Webinar:


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