Worship Vocals, a Conversation with Paul Baloche

Webinar Taught By Paul Baloche

Connect with one of today’s top worship leaders in a unique interactive opportunity only available through Worship Leader’s Training Center. In this Webinar, we will spend time in conversation with Paul Baloche talking about the most important instrument on any worship team–the voice. Realize the full potential of your voice and allow Baloche to teach you valuable exercises to improving this area of your worship service. Here is your chance to interact on a personal level with one of today’s most-respected worship artists. Topics will include: *Proper warm-up *Daily exercises *Modern blending *Vocal dynamics *Correct vibrato *Harmonizing All of this will be gathered in a deep understanding and mission to bless the Lord as we minister to Him as worship leaders. Take this time to interact with Baloche as he draws from his experiences to help you enhance your talents and strengths as a worship leader.

Watch the Full Webinar:


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