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Song Discovery is a music companion that comes with every issue of Worship Leader magazine. It contains up to 13 new songs for your service of worship with chord charts and lead sheets. Here are two of the songs featured on the newest volume. To subscribe to Song Discovery today, go here.

“Beauty for Ashes”

Lane Oliver
Song Discovery Vol. 125, #3, “Beauty for Ashes”
Mid-Cities Church | midcitiesworship.org

When I was a senior in high school, God began to put in my heart the desire to lead worship. Soon after, the worship pastor at my home church gave me the opportunity to lead for the youth group. This was the beginning of an amazing journey. While I was attending East Texas Baptist University, the Lord allowed me to lead worship for various Bible studies. Doors began to open for me to lead for youth events all over East Texas and Western Louisiana. Upon graduating college, I began to travel full-time leading for youth and college retreats, discipleship weekends, and camps. In 2004, God began to mold my heart for local church ministry. The following year, I accepted a position as media producer for Mid-Cities Community Church and I transitioned to worship pastor in 2009.

About the Song:
“Beauty for Ashes” was inspired by a sermon series from our pastor, Daniel Stephens, entitled “Orientation.” This series was about how we are all born with an orientation towards sin, but we can conquer that sin through the power of Jesus Christ. It’s also a declaration that our past does not define us. One of the most powerful things we can do to become victorious and stay victorious is to speak and sing out loud God’s truths over our lives. There is nothing more transforming than to give our lives to Christ, receive his forgiveness, and find our identity in him. The old life is gone. A new life has begun.

Favorite Songs:
“Hosanna,” Kirk Franklin
“The Luckiest,” Ben Folds
“Back Where You Belong,” 38 Special


“Love Unshakeable”

Mark & Sarah Tillman
Song Discovery Vol. 125, #11, “Love Unshakeable”
Catch the Fire, Raleigh, NC | markandsarahtillman.com

We both grew up in the church and within musical families. I (Sarah) am originally from Canada and Mark from North Carolina. We met through a mutual friend and we were instantly drawn to each other due to our wild passion for Jesus and our clear vision for worship. We were worship leaders before ever writing or leading together and once we met we felt instantly connected. My main influence is my mother as she was constantly filling our home with the sweet sounds of her worship. Mark’s main influence was his late aunt who was a beautifully gifted worship leader and psalmist. These two powerhouse worshipers left such a lasting impression on both of our hearts and have greatly inspired us.

About the Song:
This song came to us in a very hard season of our lives. At the time we were facing big disappointment after more blowing disappointment, and it left us feeling extremely discouraged. I remember waking up in the middle of the night with panic attacks and could barely leave the house in fear of having more painful episodes. I felt I was losing the joy I once knew so deeply, and I felt I was losing all hope as fear began to cripple me daily. The second Mark started playing what would be the chords to the chorus and humming the melody my spirit leapt. This song became an anthem that the Holy Spirit so lovingly whispered into our hearts. It reeled us out of the dark valleys and left us standing in the open and clear mountaintops of praise. We hope that this song does the same for you in whatever valleys you’re facing, that you’d be able to find your mountaintops of hope with him and sing of his unexplainable goodness.

Favorite Songs:
“The Heart of Worship,” Matt Redman
“Oh My Sweet Carolina,” Ryan Adams
“Be Thou My Vision”

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