5 Creative Craft Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Who doesn’t love receiving a homemade gift? I can tell you from experience, Moms love it! What better way to show the moms in your congregation some love than by having their kiddos get crafty? I’ve done some hunting and pulled out 5 craft ideas that you can use.

1. Spring Cupcake Flowers

If there’s one thing I like to avoid when crafting it’s the mess. The spring cupcake flowers are a super easy way to shower moms with a mess free beautiful gift. Thanks to momtastic for sharing this great craft idea!

2. Chocolate Mother’s Day Bouquet

What mom doesn’t love chocolate? This craft idea from Tikkido gives us a creative way to give moms what they love.

3. Vintage Button Bookmarks

Give moms the page holder they’re missing with these easy and beautiful bookmarks. Learn more here.

4. Egg Carton Flowers

This is a simple way to let the kids get super crafty. Heart Arts n Crafts encourages us to eat all the eggs just so we can make this happen!

5. Key Wind Chime

Now this craft is definitely a bit more time intensive but could make for one really special gift for moms. Gather up unused keys and paint them in Mom’s favorite colors then hang them from a stick to create a one of a kind key wind chime. Learn more here.


Want more craft ideas? Checkout this site.

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