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A New Reality: A Conversation with Sarah Kroger

A New Reality: A Conversation with Sarah Kroger

Joshua Swanson
  • Sarah candidly shared her complex relationship with social media. While it has been a significant tool for ministry, particularly through Instagram, it also poses challenges of comparison and self-doubt.

In a heartfelt conversation between artist and worship leader Sarah Kroger and Worship Leader Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Joshua Swanson, Sarah shared insights into her journey as an artist and the profound impact of her faith on her music.

Discovering Ministry Through Radio

Sarah began by discussing her recent experiences with Christian radio stations, describing her newfound appreciation for their ministry. Initially unsure of what to expect, she found herself inspired by the stations’ dedication to their local communities. These stations serve as a conduit for God’s message, impacting listeners’ lives through music and community engagement. Sarah emphasized the powerful testimonies of listeners who have experienced life-changing moments through the radio, reinforcing the idea that Christian radio is indeed a ministry.

The Humbling Power of Music

Reflecting on the reach of her music, Sarah expressed her awe at how her songs can minister to people she may never meet. She likened this to the impact of digital streaming platforms, highlighting the myriad ways people can encounter her music. This, she said, is both humbling and beautiful, as it allows God to work through her songs in ways she cannot foresee. She treasures the anonymity of those touched by her music, as it keeps her grounded and reminds her that her work is ultimately for God’s glory.

The Double-Edged Sword of Social Media

Sarah candidly shared her complex relationship with social media. While it has been a significant tool for ministry, particularly through Instagram, it also poses challenges of comparison and self-doubt. Despite these struggles, she values the connections and relationships she has built through social media. A viral cover of “What a Wonderful World” brought many non-believers to her page, allowing her to minister to them in unexpected ways. This experience affirmed the potential of social media as a powerful medium for spreading God’s love and building community.

Exploring Belovedness and Identity

Joshua pointed out that Sarah’s song “Belovedness” resonates deeply with themes of identity and self-worth. Sarah explained that the song was inspired by Henri Nouwen’s book, “Life of the Beloved,” which challenged her to embrace her identity as God’s beloved. This journey of self-acceptance and rejecting societal lies has been transformative for her. She emphasized the importance of being kind to oneself and recognizing the unique way God has created each person. This message, she noted, is especially relevant in the age of social media, where comparison can be rampant.

Navigating Seasons of Wonder and Doubt

Sarah’s new album, “A New Reality,” was born out of her experiences during the pandemic. She described how walking through the changing seasons in nature helped her realize God’s presence and provision. This sense of wonder inspired many songs on the album. However, she also spoke of a season of wondering and doubt in her faith, where she struggled to perceive God’s presence. Despite this, she trusts that God is at work, even in the desert seasons. This theme of embracing mystery and trusting in God’s plan runs throughout her album.

Choosing Faith in the Wilderness

In a poignant moment, Sarah shared how the stories of biblical figures and saints, such as Mother Teresa, who experienced long periods of spiritual dryness, have encouraged her. She emphasized that faith is often a choice, especially in difficult seasons. Drawing from her history with God, she relies on His character and past faithfulness to sustain her. This season has deepened her capacity to trust in ways she never imagined.

Anticipating the Release of “A New Reality”

As Sarah prepares for the release of her new album in May, she spoke of the anticipation and challenges of waiting. She is eager to share these songs that have ministered to her deeply and hopes they will bless others. Despite the sometimes anticlimactic nature of releasing music, she remains excited about the impact her songs might have.

Sarah concluded the conversation with words of encouragement for those wrestling with faith. She reminded listeners that it is normal to have questions and doubts, and that God meets us in our honesty. She urged believers to bring their true selves to God, trusting that He is present and at work in their lives. Her message is one of hope and reassurance: God is faithful and will never leave us.

Sarah Kroger’s journey as an artist and believer is a testament to the power of faith, honesty, and community. Her music reflects her deep relationship with God and her commitment to ministering to others. As we await the release of “A New Reality,” we can find inspiration in Sarah’s story and be encouraged in our own walks of faith.

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