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Album Review – Rain For Roots: The Kingdom of Heaven is Like This

Album Review – Rain For Roots: The Kingdom of Heaven is Like This

Rain for Roots album art

Rain for Roots album artRain For Roots
The Kingdom of Heaven is Like This
Review by AnnJanette Toth

Sandra McCracken, Flo Paris, Katy Bowser and their families have joined together to form Rain For Roots. These songs really fit into the Christian folk children’s song space. These albums are specifically made for children with beautiful and fun songs focused on God and Jesus that are a great way to introduce your kids to music that will impart knowledge about our Lord but will also not drive parents crazy. With how much we all live in our cars nowadays, these albums are a great way to redeem that time to give our kids something good to soak up.

On The Kingdom of Heaven is Like This album, the songs are simple and catchy so that kids can learn the lyrics and sing along. However, the songs are not annoying like the songs you would hear from Barney so I don’t mind listening to them multiple times. With having a 3 and 6-year old, these songs have allowed me to have a great platform for reading Scripture with my children based on the song. One of the sweetest parts about this album is that they have kids singing on some of the backgrounds and even featured in some areas.

As a person who is smack dab in the middle of buying a lot of children’s music, I recommend this delightfully different and meaningful album. There are some songs on the album that are slow-tempo and some that are more mid-tempo. The only thing I would recommend is to have a few more upbeat songs on the album as there were more ballads than I would like on a kid’s album. The best part is that these songs have quality music that teaches about God and is also educational, Biblical, and fun! This series and this particular album is a breath of fresh air for music that truly points children to their Lord and Savior, so I am thankful for such an authentically positive album.

Age appropriateness of Project: 6 to 12 years old would be the sweet spot for this album
Best Setting for Enjoyment: Could be use in Sunday school, choir, or just in the car
For what purpose or setting is the project created? The 3 women who created Rain to Roots have a tagline MAKING NEW SONGS ABOUT THE OLD STORY FOR CHILDREN
Sounds like: Norah Jones or Jewell
Top Songs: “Open Our Eyes” and “Come to Me”
Most Singable: “Wise & Foolish Builder”
Strongest Biblical Content: “Go Get the Lost One”
The Whole Package: The songs are mirroring a parable or direct Scripture for all of them.

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