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Chris Ekiss’s Soulful Debut with “Save My Soul” and “Christ For Everyone”

Chris Ekiss’s Soulful Debut with “Save My Soul” and “Christ For Everyone”

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Chris Ekiss Save My Soul

In a new development within the realm of contemporary Christian music, Chris Ekiss has recently joined forces with Provident Entertainment and Essential Music Publishing, marking a significant milestone in his musical journey. This collaboration has borne fruit with the release of two poignant tracks, “Save My Soul” and “Christ For Everyone,” each carrying a profound spiritual message and showcasing Ekiss’s depth as a singer, songwriter, and worship leader.

“Save My Soul,” Ekiss’s debut radio single, co-penned alongside Colton Price and Jeremy Johnson, is a heart-stirring plea for divine intervention and redemption. The song is complemented by a visually compelling music video, enhancing the emotional resonance of its lyrics. The collaborative effort in the songwriting process is palpable, with the composition bearing the marks of deep personal and collective reflection on the transformative power of grace.

On the other side, “Christ For Everyone” stands as a worshipful anthem, extolling the universal reach of Christ’s love and salvation. Co-written with Price and Matt Armstrong, this track is a testament to Ekiss’s commitment to spreading the Gospel through music. The live Song Session with Essential Worship further captures the communal aspect of worship, inviting listeners into a shared experience of divine encounter.

Ekiss’s enthusiasm for these releases is infectious. He speaks of the songs not merely as personal achievements but as communal offerings, reflecting a broader narrative of faith, love, and transformation. The support from his family, church community, and the creative teams at Provident and Essential underscores the collaborative spirit that underpins his music.

The production expertise of Jonathan Smith and Colton Price, who are set to contribute to Ekiss’s upcoming EP, promises a blend of musicality and message that will likely resonate with a broad audience. Their previous collaborations suggest a keen understanding of how to weave theological depth into accessible musical formats.

As Ekiss continues to lead worship at The Orchard Church in Tupelo, Mississippi, his dual focus on contemporary Christian and worship music genres suggests a versatile approach to ministry and artistry. Holly Zabka’s endorsement from Provident Entertainment echoes this sentiment, highlighting Ekiss’s unique contribution to the Christian music landscape.

“Save My Soul” and “Christ For Everyone” are not merely songs but reflections of a journey—Ekiss’s personal walk with Christ and his desire to share this experience with the world. As we await his forthcoming EP, these tracks serve as a poignant reminder of the power of music to convey the deepest truths of the human and divine encounter.

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