Chris Llewellyn’s “Honest”: A Journey of Faith Unfiltered

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This is a live performance of the song, “Honest,” by Chris Llewellyn, the Irish singer/songwriter and founding member of the platinum-selling worship band Rend Collective. With the release of his first solo project, Honest, courtesy of Capitol CMG, Llewellyn invites listeners into an intimate exploration of faith, life, and the raw emotions that accompany them. This album, consisting of twelve Celtic-rooted songs, serves as a poignant soundtrack to wrestling with faith.

In a recent live performance for Song Discovery on Worship Leader Magazine, Llewellyn captivated the audience with his authentic and heartfelt rendition of “Honest.” This live video showcases not only his musical talent but also the profound sincerity that underpins his new album.

A Soundtrack to Wrestling Faith

Reflecting on the creation of Honest, Llewellyn shares,

“Will God love you if you’re honest? Is He faithful when you’re faithless? These are the questions that I was asking when I was writing this album. It comes from a time in my life that was deeply full of struggle…when I got a medical diagnosis for my son that changed our lives as a family forever and changed my faith forever. And that’s what this is – this is the soundtrack to wrestling faith.”

This album, as Llewellyn describes, is like reading his diary out loud without any filter. It is a collection of songs filled with hope and doubt, hurt feelings and conflict, and ultimately, faith. However, this faith is not presented as a polished, airbrushed ideal but rather as something weathered, tested, and durable. Llewellyn hopes that by “oversharing,” he can offer listeners a permission slip to ask their own bold questions, embracing a faith that emerges through honesty and vulnerability.

Musical Inspirations and Storytelling

Llewellyn draws inspiration from a rich heritage of Irish storytellers, including Van Morrison, Glen Hansard, Foy Vance, and U2. His music and songwriting can best be described as a fusion of alternative pop and Americana, enriched by live looping performances. This unique blend creates a dynamic and engaging musical experience that resonates deeply with listeners.

Now based in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife Gabriella and their three children, Llewellyn continues to weave his personal experiences and cultural roots into his music. His solo project Honest is a testament to his growth as an artist and his unwavering commitment to exploring the complexities of faith through music.

A Glimpse into Llewellyn’s Heart

The release of the video for “Still Believe In The Magic” further underscores the themes of Honest. This visual accompaniment to the album’s introspective lyrics offers a glimpse into Llewellyn’s heart and the profound journey he has undertaken. As viewers watch, they are invited to join him in grappling with life’s toughest questions and finding solace in the steadfastness of genuine faith.

Chris Llewellyn’s Honest is not just an album; it is an open invitation to delve into the messy, beautiful reality of faith. It encourages listeners to embrace their struggles, ask hard questions, and find comfort in the authenticity of a faith that withstands the trials of life. Through his music, Llewellyn offers a beacon of hope and a reminder that, in the end, honesty with oneself and with God is the path to a deeper, more resilient faith.

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