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Phil Wickham On Keeping It Simple At Christmas

Phil Wickham On Keeping It Simple At Christmas

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What do churches you have been a part of do well at Christmas, and what could be richer, more congregationally sensitive, and have more Biblical imagination?

I love singing Christmas songs at churches on Christmas. The extra sense of wonder, community, family, the spirit of giving, everyone’s in a different mindset in a special way to remember what God has done.

What I love at the churches I’ve been a part of is to take advantage of the opportunity to share with a lot of people who don’t go to Church regularly. You get a lot of people coming to Church during Christmastime. The churches I’ve been a part of, such as Harvest Christian Fellowship, have a massive heart for people to be saved and evangelized and come to know Jesus, so almost every Sunday through December, they give a chance for people to respond to the Gospel. There’s no more beautiful thing than to watch people walk from that darkness into light, making that decision to follow Jesus. This time of year, people are more open, more open-minded, open-hearted to hearing that amazing story.

What they could be doing to be more congregationally sensitive and have more Biblical imagination…man, I’ve seen a lot of congregational sensitivity and biblical imagination, so I can’t think of anything that would be more so. I think keeping it simple, telling the story about Jesus, and how it relates to us, I really don’t think you need more creativity or imagination.

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