Church of the City New York Releases Live Album “Where He’s Wanted”

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Church of the City New York has launched their debut live album, “Where He’s Wanted,” a powerful collection of ten songs recorded in the heart of New York City. This album aims to cultivate a sacred space for the Presence of the Lord to dwell, resonating deeply with those yearning for a divine move in contemporary times.

Where He's Wanted Church of the City New YorkThe album showcases the collaborative songwriting talents of worship leaders Emily Lindquist, Harvest Grapevine, Chad Bohi, and Lindsey Arcaro. Each track serves as a heartfelt anthem, proclaiming the paramount desire for God’s presence. Notably, the singles “Heart on Fire” and “Where You’re Wanted” have garnered significant editorial support from major streaming platforms, amplifying their reach and impact.

Emily Lindquist, the Executive Pastor of Worship at Church of the City, has been the driving force behind this project. Reflecting on the album’s creation, Lindquist shared,

“Songs are a gift and tool given by God that allow us to mark seasons and remember who God is and what He has done. I hope that these songs mark the hunger we are seeing rise in the Church to see Jesus at the center again. Chad, Harvest Lindsey, and I all lead prayer rooms in our cities around the country throughout the week and are seeing our communities go after the Presence of the Lord in a new and increased way and these songs are an overflow of what God is doing in our midst. We’re seeing people staying up all night in prayer and then going to work intense New York careers. Prayer rooms are starting and rolling on for hours unprompted.

The songs all share a similar theme, and are prayers that we would become people who desire to host the presence of the Lord. I think we’ve become so familiar with who we think Jesus is and what He wants to do. I hope these songs give language and fuel to people who are looking to consecrate their hearts and lives fully for the Lord.

Music from the Prayer Room

Lindquist, along with her fellow songwriters, leads prayer rooms across the country, witnessing a renewed and intensified pursuit of God’s presence. “We’re seeing people staying up all night in prayer and then going to work intense New York careers. Prayer rooms are starting and rolling on for hours unprompted,” she added. The songs on this album echo this fervent desire to host the presence of the Lord, offering language and fuel for those seeking to consecrate their hearts and lives fully to God.

Harvest Grapevine, reflecting on the inspiration behind the title track “Where You’re Wanted,” recounted a pivotal moment with Lead Pastor Jon Tyson. During a visit to Bethlehem, PA, Tyson posed a profound question:

“Why do you send revival to some places and not others?”

The response he felt from God was, “I come where I’m wanted.” This revelation struck a deep chord within their group, leading to the creation of the song. Grapevine emphasized, “I think it’s a saying that needs to be heard to clarify what revival is and how to become a church that can host a move of God. He responds to love and hunger.”

Jamie Thomson, Head of Song Publishing and A&R at Song Solutions, highlighted the significance of this album, stating, “Every so often, a song comes along that stops you in your tracks. Even rarer is when a collection of songs appear that feel like a defining moment. ‘Where He’s Wanted’ is not just a defining moment for this local worshiping community from the middle of New York City, but it is a defining moment for the wider global worship community.”

“Where He’s Wanted” is now available on all major streaming platforms and is published globally in partnership with Song Solutions. This album stands as a compelling invitation to create space for God to move, serving as both a reflection of and a catalyst for spiritual revival.

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