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Music Review: “Come What May” By We Are Messengers

Music Review: “Come What May” By We Are Messengers

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The acclaimed band We Are Messengers, known for their impactful worship hits like “Magnify,” “Point To You,” and “Image of God,” returns with an uplifting new single, “Come What May.” Drawing inspiration from Psalm 23, this track reflects frontman Darren Mulligan’s deep faith and devotion.

The lyrics, “In every high, in every low / On mountaintops, down broken roads / You’re still my rock, my hope remains / I’ll rest in the arms of Jesus / come what may,” resonate as a heartfelt prayer, expressing surrender and unwavering confidence in God’s presence through all of life’s ebbs and flows.

“Come What May” serves as a powerful anthem of faith, suitable for both personal reflection and communal worship. It stands as a testament to the enduring hope and trust in Jesus’ sovereign grace, regardless of life’s changing tides.


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