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“Counting My Blessings” Seph Schlueter’s Debut EP

“Counting My Blessings” Seph Schlueter’s Debut EP

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The worship music scene is abuzz with the release last March of Seph Schlueter’s debut EP, “Counting My Blessings”. This five-song project from Provident Entertainment arrives with high expectations, bolstered by the international success of its title track. With a heart firmly anchored in gratitude and a voice that resonates with sincerity, Schlueter offers a collection that both uplifts and invites listeners into deeper worship.

The EP opens with its titular song, “Counting My Blessings,” a track that has already made waves across the globe. Co-written with Jonathan Gamble and Jordan Sapp, this song’s infectious melody and heartfelt lyrics serve as a vibrant testament to the power of gratitude. Its journey to the top of Spotify’s “Viral 50 – Brazil” playlist and subsequent rise on Christian radio underscores its universal appeal. The song’s Portuguese version, “Bênçãos Que Não Têm Fim,” recorded by Sony Brazil artist Isadora Pompeo, further cements its global impact, amassing over 70 million streams in just four months.

Schlueter’s ability to connect through his music is evident not only in the success of “Counting My Blessings” but also in the depth of the EP’s remaining tracks. “Love Me Still” and “Never Known” continue the theme of God’s unwavering love, delivered through Schlueter’s organic pop sensibilities and relatable lyrics. “Stay” and “Running Back To You” round out the EP, each song reflecting a personal and passionate journey of faith.

The newly released music video for “Running Back To You” exemplifies Schlueter’s talent for visual storytelling, further inviting listeners into the worship experience he crafts with such authenticity.

In Schlueter’s own words, this EP is about offering his “loaves and fishes” to the Lord, embodying a spirit of faithfulness over fame. His humble approach is a refreshing reminder of the true purpose of worship music—to glorify Jesus and invite others into an encounter with Him.

Seph Schlueter’s journey is one to watch. From his early days of self-released music and leading Damascus Worship to sharing stages with Brandon Lake and Phil Wickham, his path has been one of consistent dedication to his calling. As he prepares to join Matt Maher on the “Live and In The Room Tour,” this EP stands as a milestone, marking both his arrival and the promise of what’s to come.

For those seeking a worship experience infused with genuine gratitude and a deep love for Jesus, “Counting My Blessings” is a must-listen. Seph Schlueter’s debut effort is more than just a collection of songs; it’s an invitation to count our own blessings and lift our hearts in praise.

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