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Daughter’s App – A Global Prayer Movement to Mobilize A Million Esthers

Daughter’s App – A Global Prayer Movement to Mobilize A Million Esthers

Nava Esther

Daughters was created by a married couple from Israel, Emmanuel and Nava Esther Murphy (also known as @Navaestherr on social media). Daughters exists as more than just an app; it is a global prayer movement to mobilize a million Esthers to a virtual Wailing Wall. Our mission is to create a secure space for spiritual connection, heart-sharing, and united prayer for Israel. This was birthed and quickly became yoked with the Million Woman March Movement with a partnership from Lou Engle Ministries: It all began with a dream that Nava Esther had which took place in the Upperroom of Heaven in early 2019. In the dream Nava had a message for Lou Engle, repeating the words over and over, as if to signify the significance.

“Lou, you will not see revival in America until you pray for the Jewish people.”

Nava Esther and Emmanual Murphy launch new app called Daughters

Nava, an Israeli native has a passion for women and mobilizing prayer for Israel. Her mission statement:

“I see an ocean of women waking up to their true identity. I see women tearing off masks and breaking down hidden walls. I see the hearts of women beating fervently once again. We have been asleep and the enemy has been stealing from our families, but I see women coming out of the darkness of their caves. Mothers, wives, widows, grandmothers, single ladies; all waking up. Truth has been knocking and begging us to awaken for the sake of our families, but the photoshopped reality of life has deceived us. These women are full of compassion and kindness drips off them. Like a monarch butterfly they are captivated by the sun(son). You cannot contain them. They have been washed, cleansed and are pure as doves. It is a new era of women arising who are obsessed with the man Yeshua. It’s contagious and beautiful, yet I’ll tell you what stirs the depth of the Fathers heart the most. The star of David is tattooed on their heart and they unashamedly carry the love for Her(Israel) everywhere they go. They are chosen for such a time as this; for the Kingdom of God. These women would willingly give up their platform and influence to stay pure. They run to the feet of Jesus before they run on stages. They unsubscribe and turn off movies to run through the fields of eternal life. This is our hearts cry, to see women wake up!”

Years later following Nava’s dream her husband Emmanuel, also CEO of Daughters, had a vision in early 2021 at a gathering for women at the Upperroom in Dallas. As Lou Engle and other leaders from YWAM spoke about mobilizing a million women to the mall, the Holy Spirit fell on Emmanuel, who was in the back of the room with his son. The Lord spoke clearly about the mobilization of a million Esthers to the “Wall”. Immediately, Emmanuel knew there was significance specific to Israel and that the two are directly intertwined. With the Million Woman at the Mall event planned for October 2024, Daughters is intricately connected to its DNA. Emmanuel states “Whether it’s the mall or the wall the greater mission is about women standing together, shaping the future through prayer, and fulfilling an end-time purpose and the turning of the bride back to Israel.

History in Tech

Daughters is led by Emmanuel Murphy and Daniel Wilson (nephew of Johnathan and Melissa Helser). Both Emmanuel and Daniel have made a covenant bond to fulfill a prophetic word of starting businesses that will change the world. Emmanuel brings a wealth of experience in tech from Israel and a vision to leverage technology to strengthen and expand the body of Christ. Daniel, anointed creatively, assists the company in brand vision and also assists Emmanuel in daily spiritual discernment for the company. They both have dedicated their lives first to Jesus, to family, and are already brainstorming on a suite of apps for believers. “We are tired of big tech silencing our voices, and deleting posts about Yeshua, so we will build our own” says Emmanuel.

Nava Esther and Emmanual Murphy launch new app called Daughters

About the Daughter’s App

Daughters is a secure platform designed for women to connect spiritually, share their hearts, and engage in collective prayer for Israel at a virtual Wailing Wall. Users have the ability to post audio prayer notes and virtually place prayer notes into the Wailing Wall. The app offers additional features such as a messenger, with prayers archiving into a profile. Globally connecting women, the app acts as a catalyst for the rise of Esthers. “The inspiration behind the app is the nameless and faceless; we keep followers and following private, ensuring a focus on Jesus. We’ve replaced the toxic scrolling with a healthy dose of prayer and intercession,” explains Emmanuel.

Nava Esther and Emmanual Murphy launch new app called Daughters

The Future – Where Are You Headed?

Looking ahead, Daughters aims for global impact, expanding its reach to more women and fostering deeper spiritual connections. In its initial days, the app has already reached over 50 countries worldwide and anticipates further growth to all 176 available App Store countries. The plan is to introduce new features, maintaining Daughters’ position at the forefront of technology for spiritual empowerment, along with the release of an Android app. The aspiration is that a portion of the funds generated from the app will contribute to acquiring a property with a view of the Wailing Wall. This residence will serve as a dedicated space for 24/7 intercession by Esthers in the land.

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