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Gateway Worship New Album: Greater Than

Gateway Worship New Album: Greater Than

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Greater Than is from Gateway Worship based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Gateway Church and pastored by Robert Morris. The production of a live album has a number of built-in advantages from the ability to have an active audience to being able to reach out to a broader following and the challenge of letting go of the familiar to reach the masses. At the end of the day, it is about good music, songwriting, and production. The song “Deliverance” accomplishes this and sets the table for the title track “Greater Than” by not forgetting that their base is sanctuary themed worship. “How Glorious” then takes it up a notch with a strong female vocal and is a passionate and powerful anthem that is clearly an audience favorite.

Greater Than uses reverent lyrics and vacillates between high energy and minimal ballads that have the right balance of sparkling guitar riffs and piano that is both striking and noteworthy on “Steadfast” and “I Will Wait”. There are a number of reasons to like this album. There are fourteen cuts on the project, which, are satisfying, and a joy to listen to with “Linger” a soul-gripping ballad that is vulnerable with an outstanding string arrangement. “Stand in Your Love” epitomizes the depth of Gateway Worship and this album with acoustic guitar intro and power drums that compliment the sanctuary focus.

The final cut “Open the Heavens” has a nice groove and breaks away from the other tunes with a rock-pop driven sensibility that allows the listener to move with the music. Greater Than works because Gateway never loses sight of their (live) audience and delivers with an array of diverse songs that have purpose and passion while inviting the listener to join in. Give this four-star album a listen and the celebration will linger long after the music stops playing.

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